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Our Passion: Bold Flavors - Made in Boston Massachusetts USA, Globally Inspired

bondat-logo-orange.pngBondat: Filipino word for a full, happy belly; well fed. Also, that feeling between a gourmand's bliss and food coma usually experienced after the Thanksgiving feast.

Hailing from the Philippine Islands, we wholeheartedly embrace the diversity of cuisines from all over the globe.  After all, our island nation is a melting pot of Spanish and Asian cultures.  We are inspired by the exotic masalas of India, the heat of China's Sichuan province, the seasoning mixes of the Cajuns and Creoles of Louisiana, the smoky briskets and ribs of Texas and, naturally, the garlicky, savory, salty and tangy food of the Philippines. We believe bland food is a crime.

Our spice blends are locally sourced and made in Boston MA USA for freshness and sustainability.  Unlike the mega-corporate spice companies, we custom blend and package each seasoning mix in small batches to ensure the freshest peak flavor for your cooking with no preservatives or additives we can't even pronounce.

Thank you for visiting Bondat Foods and remember:  A Full Belly Is A Happy Belly!


Our Cause: The American Cancer Society

 Since 2009, we have been participating in endurance events to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS).


It started with Boston Run to Remember, an annual Memorial Day weekend event in Boston. Fannie ran the 5-miler in honor of Jordan's mom, Teresita de Guzman, from whom we both got our love for good food and the desire to create dishes to share with friends and family. She passed away in late October 2009 from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma, but her legacy endures in so many aspects of our lives.
In 2010, Jordan participated in the 2nd Bicycles Battling Cancer (BBC) event and raised over $2,500 by himself. He began volunteering as part of the organizing committee for BBC in 2011. His friends (and Fannie) decided to ride with him and in a flash of inspiration, he named the group "Team Bondat". 
Team Bondat rode again on June 8, 2014 and raised over $7,000 to date. We figured out what the group rally cry had to be: Eat. Ride. Repeat.



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