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Smoke-roasted Steak Tips


Another hit from the grill of our brother Jerome, who used the All-Purpose Seasoning Mix for this delicious meal. 


• 3 lbs good quality steak tips

• 2 oz Bondat Foods All-Purpose Rub

• 1/4 cup canola oil


1) Place the steak tips in a large bowl and add the canola oil.  Mix the meat with your impeccably clean hands until the tips are evenly coated with the oil.

2) Generously season the meat with All-Purpose Rub, frequently mixing the bowl by hand so that the meat is uniformly seasoned.  Cover bowl in plastic wrap and allow the steak tips to cure overnight in the refrigerator.  

3) As shown in the pictures below, light about 20 charcoal briquets using a chimney starter.  Set up your grill for indirect grilling, preferably with two charcoal baskets at one side of the grill.  Fill the charcoal baskets about halfway full with unlit coals, along with a couple handfuls of soaked wood chips.  Some recommended smoke woods include oak, apple, hickory, cherry, or a combination of any of them.  Once the coals are blazing hot, pour them over the unlit coals in the charcoal basket.  Cover the grill and allow to pre-heat to a temperature range of 300°F to 350°F.

setting up the grill

4) Place the meat onto the grill grates as shown below, so that none of the pieces are sitting directly over the fire.  For more uniform doneness, consider placing the larger steak tips closest to the fire and the smaller pieces further away from the fire.  Be careful not to overcrowd the grill, working in batches if necessary.  Cover the grill, and adjust the top and bottom vents as needed to maintain the desired temperature range of 300°F to 350°F.  Allow the meat to "smoke roast" for about 15 minutes.  After the 15 minutes have passed, uncover the grill, and using tongs, transfer the steak tips to sit directly over the fire as shown below.  Sear the meat until a nice brown crust has formed. 

Steak tips roasting

5) Grab a beer, and enjoy the smoke-roasted steak tips along with your side dishes of choice.

Finished steak tips

steak tips with sides





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